This is my Star Wars model kits gallery and collection categorized by movie apparition.
Every model is commented and include one or more pictures.

Latest update: January 16 2011
Scimitar Assault Bomber
New additions
F-Toys Tie Crawler, AT-TE, also Y-Wing Clones Wars and Nssis-class Clawcraft
My most popular models
Super Star Destroyer, Republic Star Destroyer,, Star Destroyer fiber optic and accurized, and Republic Acclamator Star Destroyer model kit

  A New Hope
  (32 models)

  The Phantom Menace
  (18 models)

  Empire Strikes Back
  (17 models)

  Attack of the Clones
  (9 models)

  Return of the Jedi
  (22 models)

  Revenge of the Sith
  (10 models)

Model kits from Games Workshop and Forge World
(8 models)

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