Forge World Tau Barracuda resin model kit

This is a huge kit for a resin kit. It size is similar to a Devilfish or a Hammerhead. I filled some bubles and the kit need sanding, putty to fill some holes and a Dremmel to fix errors and bad casting. It a not lot of works but I spent at least 6 hours to fix everything including some flash.

The end result is a pure beauty with a typical fluid and smooth Tau design.

Paint this kit was easy: primer, basic coats with airbrush and details, wash and dry brush by hand.

I'm still working on it.

- Vomit Browm and Orange (stripes): Airbrush
- Details: hand painting

- Vomit Brown, Scab Red: Games Workshop
- Black: Acrylic Delta Ceramcoat

Where I bought this kit: Forge World
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