About this site

I begun to build Star Wars model kits recently. I started in March 2003. I am a Star Wars fan since 1978 and building Star Wars model kits is for me the best way to recreate this world at home and feel the "real things".

My first 15 models were hand painted. You will never see my first model because this first attempt was not successful. It was the 1/61 MPC/ERTL X-Wing. After the third model, I was able to start to modify some models. My second stage was to buy a basic airbrush to be able to paint large areas, medium areas and complex areas because it is very difficult to hand paint large area. My best achievement is my Millenium Falcon

Despite that I use sometimes an airbrush, I still hand paint a lot. I have more than 20 brushes and I think this is the best way to do the weathering and detailing.

I bought all my models on the Web. My best source is eBay because you can get most available models at a good price if you are patient. I bought also few models from Web Stores mentioned in my links section. You can not get the majority of Star Wars model kits because most of them are now discontinued.
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