Death Star Turret plastic scratch built project

Step 1: Build the frame

Step 2: Doing the plating

Step 3: Build the turbo laser module with 1/72 tank parts

Step 4: Finishing the plating and build turbo laser mechanisms

Step 5: Build laser canons and add more "greebies"

Step 6: Add "greebies" to the turret

Step 7: The primer coat. ready to paint.

This is my first complete scratch built project. I build a Death Star Turret from scratch with sheets of styrene and tank model kit parts. The model is now completed. I'm satisfied about this first project but I learned a lot and my next project will be for sure better.

Base: 19cm X 19cm
Height: 27cm
Others variations:
Date Manufacturer Scale Type Model
2009 JPG Productions 1/48 Resin/Metal Rebel Turret
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