Fine Molds Millenium Falcon plastic model kit

Status: This is my current project. This kit will be THE absolute masterpiece of my collection with over 800 pieces!!! This kit is not cheap but you get a fantastic and unique piece of art.

I'm working on this since few weeks and I so amazed about the level of details of this kit. It is the best kit I ever built. Every pieces fit perfectly, the amount of details is highly impressive. There are several highly emotive debates on Starship Modeler forum about mandibles angle, jawbox size and hull curvature, but despite these controversies, I think this kit is the best kit you can afford.

I plan to paint this kit based on miniatures paint techniques (Games Workshop minis): base coat, wash, dry brush and highlights. I think, a airbrush is mandatory to get a good paint job.

Others variations:
Date Manufacturer Scale Type Model
1995 AMT/ERTL 8917 1/58 Plastic Millenium Falcon modified

Rarity: Rare. Out of production.
Where I bought this kit: Hobby Link Japan
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