MPC/ERTL Star Destroyer plastic model kit & Odyssey Slipways
and resin Blockade Rebell Runner



Completed. In progress pictures are available here
A wallpaper made with my Finemolds Tie Fighter and my 1/48 MPC X-Wing is available here (click on the image):

LED Diagram

Built up

This is an improved Star Destroyer with resin parts from Odyssey Slipways
  • Standard Engine Kit
  • Dorsal Detail Kit #1
  • Hanger Kit
Also added two Arvey Model Products kits:
  • Blockade,Rebell Runner
  • Turbo-Laser-Battery
This is a long run project. Lot of things were done to achieve a better Start Destroyer. I not intend to build a completely accurate Star Destroyer but it would be closer than the Out of the Box one. Here they are the main task I planned:
  • Sand and remove all raised panels and rescribe them.
  • Trim down side walls because they are too wide and as well as the engine area.
  • Detailing the hull and side walls
  • Install the new main and secondary hanger
  • Install turbo lasers
  • Install dorsal kit
  • Install main engines
  • Add 1/8 styrene sheet on the side hull to extend it
  • Add two small hanger bays in the brim trench
  • Add hanger in the back on the bridge
  • Replace the deflector globes by glass beads
  • Lit engines and add more than 600 fiber optics strands lit with 4000 MCD blue LEDs. Theses two sites helped me a lot to built circuit: LED series/parallel array wizard and Powering Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Where I bought this kit: eBay, Odyssey Slipways and Arvey Model Products
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