Takara Tie Fighter plastic model kit


This is a very special and rare kit. It look’s like a toy with a large engine, proportions that are uneven. "Decals" that came with the kit are stickers. The paint scheme on the box is gold with a blue frame window. In order to keep this very special look, I chose to keep the gold finish. The thin and fragile plastic is gold prepaint. I primed it and repainted it with a high quality color made by Game Workshop. The result is stunning like a jewel. That was a one day project.

- Entirely hand painting

- Burnished Gold : Games Workshop Citadel (Acrylic)
- Payne's Grey #75: Pébéo Deco

Rarity: Very rare and out of production. It is still possible but very hard to find it on eBay.
Where I bought this kit: eBay
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