Timeslip Creations Death Star "Imperial Battle Station" resin model kit


This kit looks like to be a recast of Anubis Productions "Imperial Battle Stations" shown on Bob Sylvia Star War Model Kit Gallery. The box art is similar and parts are similar too. It is a good alternative for the AMT/ERTL Death Star model kit.

Build the kit was easy. I needed some sand paper and a good exacto knife. It was also very easy to paint it. The result is a very nice Death Star which is a lot better than MPC/ERLT Death Star.

- Airbrush: Large and medium areas
- Hand painting: Small areas and details

- Acrylic Delta Ceramcoat

Others variations:
Date Manufacturer Scale Type Model
1998 AMT/ERTL 8193 1/520 000 Plastic Death Star

Circumference: 14cm
Rarity: Rare. Out of production and hard to find.
Where I bought this kit: Starship Modeler
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