Jango Fett resin model kit
This model is produced by a recast company ModelFactoryPlus. I don't know where this model comes from. The recast quality is very good. I need to do somes fitting ajustments and I need to add wires on the right arm (using Evergreen styrene). The dremel is needed to do some adjustment because the fitting is not perfect (fair fitting, like MPC/ERTL).

How I painted this kit:
  • Ajust and clean parts.
  • Wash and prime the surface.
  • Armour: Silver Humbrol #11. The Humbrol silver is a lot better than the enamel Testors silver. The finish is uniform instead of Testors. The Testors finish is uneven.
  • Clothes: I use matt Pébéo Deco Payne's grey #75 and I added some drops of red. The result should looks like purple dark with blue. Delta sells similar colors (Ceramcoat series).
  • Belts: The belts are paint using the Delta Spice Brown #02049.
  • Wires: The wires color is enamel Testors #1149 Flat Black
  • Jetpack: The orange on the jetpack is the Delta Bittersweet Orange #02041.
  • Helmet: The blue on the front of the helmet is the Testors Blue M.F #1539 (metalic blue) and the blue that goes on the "greebies" on the both sides of the helmet is Pébéo Payne's grey #75. Also, on the helmet, the black is the Humbrol #21
  • Shoes: The glossy black for the shoes is the Humbrol gloss black #21

  • Pants finish: First, you paint the pants with the "Purple dark blue". When is dry, wash the pants with a "Purple dark blue" diluted with water (20% color - 80% water) plus few drops of black. The darker color should stay in the cracks. Once is dry, mix the "Purple dark blue" and white color (50% purple - 50% white) and dry brush the surface (not the cracks!).

Height: 19.5cm
Rarity: Still in production.
Where I bought this kit: Model Factory Plus
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