MPC/ERTL Rebel Base On Hoth Action Scene plastic model kit

You get a rebel transport with this kit, that's why I bought this kit initially. Like many MPC/ERTL dioramas, all ships and not accurate and are very simple but that was really funny to build this kit. I put this kit side by side with the MPC Battle of Hoth and the result is impressive.

- Airbrush: Large areas
- Hand painting: Medium/small areas and details

- Acrylic Delta Ceramcoat and enamel (red, yellow, black, silver, gold)
- Rust: yellow pigment powder
- Dust: charcoal

Width: 45.5 cm / Length: 30 cm

Rarity: Available on the Web and out of production.
Where I bought this kit: Intergalactic Trading Company
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