MPC/ERTL Slave 1 plastic model kit

Status: This project was a funny challenge.

I filled in all the joints with putty, smoothed it out and reinforced the structure. I chopped off the column and I built a second tier. I used sheet styrene, brass tubing and some detailed parts. I added two co-pilot seats in the second tier and few greebies and tubing in the cockpit.

I added also few tubes and parts in the bottom part of the back side based on CD Star Wars behind the Magic. Positioning and align major parts was a pain but the end result is very good. The biggest challenge was the painting because the paint scheme is complex.

- Red and grey: hairbrush
- Dark Forest Green, Storm Grey, Cadet Grey and Drizzle Grey: Acrylic Delta Ceramcoat
- Yellow #03: Pébéo Deco
- Brass and Boltgun Metal : Games Workshop Citadel (Acrylic)
Others variations:
Date Manufacturer Scale Type Model
2004 Fine Molds SW-4 1/72 Plastic Slave 1

Width: 23cm / Length: 10cm / Height: 26.3cm

Rarity: Available on the Web and out of production.
Where I bought this kit: eBay
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