Imperial Tie Droid resin/plastic model kit

This unique kit was produced few years ago by SMT (Scale Model Technologies) and now available at the Starship Modeler Store. The kit is a 5 pieces resin conversion set to build the Tie Droid and may be used with either the twin TIE/Fighter kit or the TIE/Interceptor. The mold quality of wings and other parts is superb.

I used the MPC Tie Interceptor which need lot of works. The cockpit glass hole was a litle bit too big. I used putty to reduce the hole diameter and smooth it out. I added few greebees and details because many of them are missing on the AMT/ERTL the Tie Interceptor such as laser canons.

The result is nice and fairly accurate.

- Airbrush: Large areas (light gray)
- Hand painting: details

- Blue and black: Createx Colors
- Light gray: Acrylic Delta Ceramcoat
- Gloss varnish on the cockpit : Games Workshop Citadel (Acrylic)

Width: 12.4cm / Length: 13.5cm / Height: 6cm

Rarity: Still in production.
Where I bought this kit: Starship Modeler
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