Sovereign Replicas Tie Scimitar Assault Bomber

Wow! This is an amazing kit. It come with a minimum of flash, lot of fine detail, I love this kit! Unfortunately, the kit is already discontinued. Garage kit are usualy not available for a long time. When you see them, don't hesitate and buy them quickly.

Assembly was easy. Wings were a little bit warped so I heated them gently and I fixed their shapes correctly. After I painted wings and body them separately. Once the body done, I put wings on the body and I did a wash.

- Airbrush: Large areas
- Hand painting: Small areas and details

- Light Grey and black Acrylic Delta Ceramcoat

Width: 13.5cm / Length: 22cm / Height: 6cm

Rarity: Rare. Out of production.
Where I bought this kit: Sovereign Replicas
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