Revell Republic Star Destroyer Venator plastic model kit

Wow! This is a awesome kit built by a serious company. The kit has no flash, lots of details, decals, enamel paint(!). This is a superb kit.

Built this kit was a real pleasure. Details are very good, the mold quality is perfect, and every pieces fit perfectly. The quality of this kit is far away better than ERTL Star Destroyer. Instructions are very clear and also include a many details about the paint scheme. I did my own paint scheme.

To paint this kit, I primed it first and I applied a first coat of mid-light gray with my airbrush. Based on pictures, I painted rear red stripes also with my airbrush. Then, all the rest was did by hand. All side walls, panels, canons, and details have been weathered with a mix of black color and Future Wax.

Finally, I paint panels with various gray, silver and Games Workshop Bolt gun metal color for engines.

- Mid-light Grey: Airbrush
- Red stripes: Airbrush
- Details: hand painting

Others variations:
Date Manufacturer Scale Type Model
2008 2 Fat Guys 1/2256 Resin Republic Acclamator Star Destroyer

Rarity: Still in production.
Where I bought this kit: Starship Modeler
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