Attack of the Clones
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Date Manufacturer Scale Type Model Box Status
2010 F Toys 1/144 Plastic AT-TE
2005 Nut-Hut Productions 1/6 Resin Aayla Secura
2004 Unknown 1/10 Resin Jango Fett
2002 Fine Molds SW-3 1/72 Plastic Jedi Starfighter
2009 Revell 06731 1/72 Plastic Jedi Starfighter
2008 2 Fat Guys 1/2256 Resin Repubilc Acclamator Class Star Destroyer
2009 Revell 06729 1/72 Plastic Republic Gunship Easykit Pocket
2004 Fine Molds SW-4 1/72 Plastic Jango Fett Slave 1
2003 3rd Eye Design 1/8 Resin Tusken Raider Sand Dweller
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