JMJModels Tie Bomber resin model kit

When you buy a garage kit, you must assume some risk like missing pieces. The Tie Bomber is a rare kit and despite the price I bought it. The overall quality is very very good and highly accurate. I had a bad surprise: two pieces was missing. I contacted the company and few months later I got the missing pieces. During the period of time I was waiting the pieces, I decided to scratch build them. The most complex part was the right front disk. I spent many hours to build it. The result is good. I found an article in Starship Modeler web site how to build this piece. The second missing piece was easier to scratch build.

All pieces must to be worked and cleaned and some adjustments are needed. This kit will need lot of time but the end result is outstanding. It is a big kit (larger than 30% compare to the Darth Vader Tie Fighter

The last picture is the assembled ship with my scratch build piece and the second is with the original pieces. Mine was not too bad :-)

- Airbrush: Large areas (light gray)
- Hand painting: details

- Black, light and dark grey: Acrylic Delta Ceramcoat

Width: 23cm / Length: 19.1cm / Height: 13.2cm

Rarity: Very rare and out of production. Only 110 kits has been made.
Where I bought this kit: JMJModels
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